maanantai 10. lokakuuta 2011

The Summer 2011 in Kustavi, Finland

Here I am. In Finland. The winter is coming and I should start to do something if I wish to graduate on Christmas. I moved to my friend’s living room, slept on a mattress for 3 months before moving in to my “biggest” apartment ever. It was enormous 16m2 flat with all necessary in the center of Pori. I finished my thesis and graduated, found a job and started to save money for the next trip: Australia. The winter went really quickly, like in a dream. I worked hard, partied and tried to enjoy the snowy, cold winter. The winter was saved by new friends that I met in the university and work place.

Waiting for the Spring
In some point an idea of doing something else popped in to my mind. I had studied tourism for 4,5 years so maybe i should work in that area as well. Finding a job wasn´t  the easiest thing to do, but finally i got an amazing receptionist position in Kustavi. After 2 week holiday in London I started my job in an alcohol free camping place in the middle of beautiful archipelago of Turku. I loved the place! The silence was so strong that it almost made my ears ring. The nature was absolutely amazing!

The mesmerizing sea, the fascinating little islands, the unafraid animals and the unbroken peace made my summer. There are over 20 000 islands in the Turku archipelago. Our boss made good decisions when he hired people, our work community was close and worked well together. We were like a little family. In the beginning of the summer, we made a bicycle trip to Vårdö, near Åland island. I will remember the 40 km cycling in a rain and head wind for the rest of my life. Sometimes I almost stopped believing that I can do it to the end. We had 2,5 hours for 20 km, and we almost missed the ferry. Luckily the way back home was in a beautiful sunshine and tailwind.

Westminster Abbey and Big Ben @ London
Sunset in Kustavi
Sheep in Vårdö
The Ferry
On the way
I found cheap flights to Australia and bought them in July. I decided to buy them separately and stay in England for 2 weeks and in Kuala Lumpur for 4 days. Maybe then the flights don´t feel so horrible. :) Work & Holiday -visa came in to my e-mail couple of weeks later after 1 day of applying it in Australian immigration web-site. That was fast! I know, i know. I should have gotten the visa before purchasing the flights, but luckily there wasn´t any problems. After that is just has been waiting, looking for information about everything between England and Australia, and more waiting. Now when the departure is getting pretty damn close, im starting to freak out. I´ll be away for so long time. What if something happens here in Finland? What if something happens to me? What if I don´f find a job? My head is full of probably stupid questions, but no worries. I´ll be fine. Riku and Tunna from Madventures say that the most common place to die is home. Damn, I have to get away from here!