torstai 10. marraskuuta 2011

On the way... First stop: UK, Newark

I remember the time in Kustavi when I bought the flight tickets to Melbourne and wondered “What the hell Im going to do for the next 3 months? And now I wonder “Where the hell those 3 months went so quickly?” The last 2 months when I stayed on my mum’s couch were amazing… I just enjoyed sport, knitting, stroking a cat, packing…

Puff... packing. That’s just an interesting type of art. I started to pack my backpack already in Kustavi (August) because I had to pack my summer clothes to the garage and autumn clothes to my mum’s place. I picked all kind of hints from travel guides and from friend’s advice and made a list what should I get with me. And the list was long, too long. I decided to leave that for the future. Anyway, I had 2 months time to pack. In the end, the list came really useful, but still I forgot something really, really important…

On the way to the airport I realized that something is missing... It was my credit card, Starbucks card, insurance card and Kela card with the photo. S***!!! I started a massive brain storm where they might be, I had absolutely no idea and I still don’t. I have less than a week before I leave Newark, would be nice to get them before that. No panic, everything is going to be ok! Think positively! J

I left home on Saturday and went to Helsinki for 2 days to visit friends and visit one of the most famous tourist attractions in Helsinki; The Olympic Stadium and the Tower. Helsinki can be really beautiful with its foggy, grey weather and bald trees. It’s getting ready for the winter as I’m trying to understand that in 3 weeks it will be summer for me.

The capital of Finland, Helsinki

The Tower of Olympic Stadium, Helsinki
In the airport I noticed again how small the world can be. I met 2 old friends of mine who came to London with the same flight! What a coincidence! The weather was as foggy and rainy as it was in Helsinki, but warmer. I took the train from London to Newark and arrived my friend’s house late that night, finally. Food and sleep, thank you and good night!

It was really nice to catch up with my old friend for a long time! She needed to go to work on Tuesday so I just walked around the city for 6 hours! :D And I was worried about not getting enough exercise. On Wednesday we went to Lincoln. I just love English architecture; I could ramble around the streets and admire the buildings for hours and hours. It feels like someone put me inside the game “Oblivion”… just beautiful. This week to-do-list: relaxing, more Newark, pubs, karaoke and Nottingham. Let’s start with the first one... relaxing. Ädjö!

Lincoln, UK
Lincoln, UK

Jews House @Lincoln, UK
Lincoln, UK

Lincoln, UK
The rug beater can be found only at
Antique shops and museums in UK,
in Finland it's modern and very used.
Would have been interesting to know
the price of it!