keskiviikko 13. heinäkuuta 2011

Party people in da Etappi!

The following summer after Madrid I went back to Finland for 9 months,  worked and started my boring thesis. Going back to Finland wasnt as difficult as I expected. I was prepared for a culture shock but nothing came. I moved back to my mum’s place which wasnt a bad thing, started a new job and got a new car so I had something to be excited about. I enjoyed the summer in Salo and moved back to Pori when the classes started again, then I started to write my thesis and needed to do that in peace, so I moved to a student house called Etappi in Pori. That place was amazing!

It was a 6 floor apartment block full of exhange students and some Finnish students. Sometimes when it got really cold outside (-30 degrees) I didn’t have to leave the house for a week or two because I bought all the food beforehand, wrote my thesis and all the parties were organized in Etappi. I didn’t need anything else. And those parties were crazy! We had all kind of costume parties, dinners, theme nigts etc. For me it was like a soft landing from Madrid, another exchange year in Finland. There were days when I didn’t speak any Finnish. My first flat mate was from Portugal and second from Hungary. Because almost everybody in the house were foreigners; Finnish wasn’t a really popular language. I love to live with other people. Someone said to me years ago that I am addicted to other people and that is so true. I like to have my own room where I can relax and be alone if I need to but having other people just outside your own room is a really good thing. There is always soweone to talk, laught or cry with.

One of the parties
In November I realized that I had to find an internship placement and I wanted to go back to Spain. I didn’t even have to search the job for a long time when i found it from the web site of our school. Huelva University in Andalucia was looking for an international assistant. Me, me, me!!! I sent my application and just before Christmas they called and welcomed me to Huelva! Excellent! Three months later I was on a plane to Spain again... and my thesis wasn’t ready yet. Haha!

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